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History of  RANPU

The name of  'KadoNakashimaya' is the name of the era of the great grandfather (daijiro). Besides our main business, we also sold lamps. In December 2001, it opened as a Beer hole by refurbishing the neighboring house of the parents house.

Broadband oasis
FREE SPOT (wireless LAN)

1F counter

You can enjoy your meal and beer slowly even by you alone in a good-looking counter seat surrounded by antique objects.

- Ice self service -
Subject: 4,000 yen (with draft beer) Customers booking the course

Small rising seats (up to 7 people)

1F table seating (up to 12 people)

2nd Ballroom (up to 40 people)

Please use for various banquets, farewell reception party etc.
We can accept up to 40 people

- Drink self-service -
Target: Customers with over 10 drinks on request

- Built in 1913 -
Beams, pillars, insulators (insulators) remain at that time

2F window side seat ~ master recommendation (up to 8 people)

2F View from the window Yoshikawaya
It was doing a sake brewery until about 1955.

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